How To Hide Your Hair Bangs

Hide Your Hair Bangs
Hide Your Hair Bangs
Bangs are great when used to accentuate your eyes and facial features, however when they become overgrown or you get tired of them, or miss your initial look before you got them they get challenging. As they over grow the get in your face a lot and cause discomfort. Using hair pins, bobby or hair accessories, you can hide the bangs.

For a pull-back hairstyle you pull the bangs behind, and then twist the bangs a little then secure them into place with a bobby pin. This can be useful for days you are out in the sun and the wind is blowing slightly.   When wearing a parted-style, you part the middle of the head and secure the bangs with pins on both sides. Alternatively after parting the hair, you can pin the bangs on one side of the part. You can also twist your frontal hair bangs into a Dutch twist. Start from one edge of the head and start twisting. Add little hair as you continue twist until you obtain a nice Dutch twist. When done, secure with pins and add some hairspray. This is a great hairdo after you’ve had a pixie cut.

Create the side swept hairdo with the bangs. This is done by parting at the side then you grab more section of the hair to cover the bangs. This achieves a look with longer bangs.

Hide the bangs by doing a classic blow-out and let the bangs loose. You can do this by blow out the bangs alone then after washing, comb with a round brush. Roll the bangs under the brush and ensure they dry in the side-swept direction. Using a flat iron will ensure you get right results. Do an easy twist and pin trick to hide your bangs while giving you an edgy hairdo. Just gather the bangs and twist them slight and away from your face. Align the twist along the hairline and pin the twist lightly at the side of your head then spray your bangs with slight hairspray. A straight pin back is also a great way of hiding the bangs. It creates the illusion of lengthy hair. With the straight-pin back look you should always tuck the ends of the pieces into the rest of your hair. You can braid the bangs to create a French braid at the front of your hairline. Begin the French braid from the root tips and continue till you complete all the hair bangs. You can use an elastic band to secure the braid or the bobby pins.

All these measures will cut you the slack until your bangs grow lengthy enough to match the rest of the hair.

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How To Maintain Your Blonde Hair Correctly

Blonde Hair Extensions
Blonde Hair Tips

Blonde is the golden gal’s hair to stardom. Blonde hair defines your attitude and helps you shine wherever you go. Therefore your Blondie hair requires bright image and perfect maintenance. Whether you are blessed by nature to be a Blondie or you achieved by hair treatment, nothing should stop you from enjoying the aura that comes with the Goldie color.

As a Blondie you must maintain your hair more frequently. Don’t use hair colors that weigh down the hair rather the colors should complement your hair with a lustrous glow Use light weight products enriched with transparent ingredients and many nutrients to prevent the grey streak of dullness tat creeps into the hair. The conditioners should have active ingredients to retain calcium and magnesium in water thus creating shiny hair. Intensify the hair color by adding pigments of gold and silver thus creating illusions of captivate reflections.

Protect your hair during summer with UV protectors. This is because the lighter hair has less melanin thus the sun rays will penetrate causing more harm. Leave-in UV protection spray is the best for blonde hair. Spritz the spray before blow drying. You can throw in a trendy summer hat for more protection too.

Shampooing once a week will counter the abrasiveness and yellowing of blonde hair. Blue base or purple shampoo bases takes out the abrasiveness. Nicotine turns hair into ugly yellow shade therefore by all means avoid smoking. Even second hand smoking creates the same effect on blond hair.

For deep cleansing the blonde hair, use the clarifying shampoo to remove chlorine found in water. Thus before you take a swim, soak the hair in deep conditioning treatment and Argan oil. A swimming cap is highly recommended because the chlorine in pool water turns the blonde hair into nasty green.

Like All hair types, blonde require moisture thus nourish the blond hair with moisturizer at least twice a week. When applying oil, start from mid shaft to the tips of the hair. Avoid applying oil to the roots.   Touching up should be done after two months especially if you have a platinum blonde style. Even though the hair may grow faster avoid re-dying your hair frequently because it dries and breaks out. Whenever you get the dreadful tinge of green on your hair, wash it off with lemon juice in a glass of water. Alternatively dissolved Aspirin will eradicate the green.

Weekly cure for blond hair is the remedy. The hair cures deeply penetrate the hair and elevates the Dandruff layers that are normally destroyed by the bleaching. Lavender and chamomile are your hairs best friends when it comes to wading off the yellow tinge. Whether you decide to wear Ash-blonde or Caramel-blonde, the shining star should always be you.

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