What It’s Really Like to Go Platinum Blonde

What It's Really Like to Go Platinum Blonde

Give me a chance to begin by saying that I adore being a brunette. However, since the time that Michelle Williams appeared platinum hair in the Louis Vuitton advertisements as shown below, I’ve been dazzled by her hair shading. It was so brilliant and strong, and it looked astonishing against her skin.

I cherished it. I needed it. So I chose to do something blonde. Stun white blonde. Yet, I couldn’t do only it. Only an specialist can take hair from being essentially dark to fundamentally white. Who preferred to swing to over the very virtuoso behind Williams’ shading, Marie Robinson, lead colorist and proprietor of her eponymous salon in NYC? Together, Marie, kindred colorist Maggie Castellanos, and her partner Susana Carranza (It takes a town, gentlemen!) turned me from the darkest cocoa I’d ever been to the prettiest platinum blonde. Here’s beginning and end that I/my hair experienced keeping in mind the end goal to get my fantasy shading.

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Carefree and Chic: 6 Easy Summer Hairstyles to Keep You Stylish

Summer is when you can let your hair down and enjoy hairstyles that are fresh and carefree. Here are six low-maintenance summer hairstyles to make you feel like a mermaid goddess.

Sweep it to the Side
Side Swept Hairstyle

Sweep it to the Side

Braiding your hair is a great way to deal with the summer heat and humidity, keeping your hair frizz-free. But give it a trendy twist by braiding it and flipping it over one shoulder. You can secure any flyaway strands with bobby pins or leave them loose for a more casual effect. Remember to spritz on some hairspray before plaiting to keep your hair in place and prevent strands from coming loose.

Give Your Curls Volume

Tease your roots and tie half your hair up into a ponytail so that you show off your stunning earrings. Then, curl the length of your hair so that you get gorgeous flowing waves. This is an easy way to show off mermaid curls without having to do your whole head so it’s perfect for rushed mornings. Use a curl-enhancing cream like Kerry Washington does before and after curling your hair so that you give it a gorgeous shine. If you have relaxed hair, run your fingers through your waves afterwards to make them look natural and spritz on some hairspray to keep them in place.

Chic it Up

You can rock the ponytail at the beach, party, or office. The trick is to make it look sophisticated. The good news is that you can do this easily. After flat-ironing your hair if you have frizz, brush your hair into a very high ponytail. Make sure the top is smooth and sleek. Then, take a small strand of your hair and wrap it around the elastic you’ve used to make the ponytail. If you want, you can use a curling iron on the length of the ponytail for extra style.

Top not ponytail

Consider clip-on hair extensions if your hair is too thin or you want a thick, lustrous ponytail. They are a great and fuss-free way to achieve a stylish pony all through summer.

Flip the Top

Bangs and hair closest to your face are usually the pieces that get the most sweaty and limp after a summer’s day. You can nip this hair disaster in the bud by scooping them back. Lift them a bit to create volume on top and say goodbye to flat hair days, then pin them in place. You can also plait the front pieces that you pin back if you want to create extra texture. This is an easy way to elevate a plain hairstyle. When keeping hair off your face, make sure you keep your skin looking healthy and clear – say goodbye to dry or uneven skin that can be caused by the sun by using natural lightening products to brighten up your skin and keep it moisturized.

Rock ’n Roll it

If you want to keep your hair up this summer, make use of one of the hottest hair trends this year: the wet hair look. It’s really simple to make use of it in an updo, plus it keeps your hair sleek and fresh for those hot summer days. After wetting your hair, make a ponytail and create a small gap just above the elastic band so that you can stick your fingers through the hole in your hair. Then, take the bottom of your ponytail and poke it through this hole, pulling it through. Continue doing this with your ponytail until you have a rolled bun on the back of your head. Pin it in place with bobby pins. Easy and fun!

Natural curly

Bring on Beautiful Beach Hair

If you hair has the tendency to curl or become wavy in the hot weather, don’t try to fight it. Lay off the heated styling tools to prevent doing damage to your hair and enhance your hair’s natural state. Spray some sea salt on your hair before scrunching it with your fingers to shape its curls.

Sassy summer hairstyles don’t have to keep you glued to your mirror for hours in the morning. Try one of these hot ’dos on for size and enjoy a stylish season.

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Sand Art Hair Is the Color Trend of the Moment and It Is Mesmerizing

Sand Art Hair Is the Color TrendWhether you like crazy colored hair or not, this is amazing. Hair colorist Rebecca Taylor demonstrates one way to create magical rainbow locks in the video below.

To get the look, Taylor uses Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids Locked-In, a new in-salon hair color line product that won’t transfer or bleed to other sections when rinsed out, which is the trick to getting perfect sand art hair and not a muddy mess of color.

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10 Fabulous, Famous Women Over 40 Who Prove That Funky Colored Hair Is – TheGloss

brightly colored hair

These 10 fabulous celebrities prove brightly colored hair is cool at any age.

Today 44-year-old Kelly Ripa colored her hair hot pink, and she looked stupendous. What’s more, she is a long way from the first lady to color her hair a hip shading despite the fact that she’s past my imaginary “cool hair style-off date” of 25.

Here are 10 non-badass big names who demonstrate brilliantly colored hair does not have a trim off age.

Apart from Kelly Ripa, Madonna, Helen Mirren, Goldie Hawn, Gwen Stefani, Cyndi Lauper, Betsey Johnson are some of the other big names who dared to try wild hair colors successfully.

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