Can A Permanent Color Be Applied Over A Semi-Permanent Color?

Permanent Hair Color
Permanent Hair Coloring Tips

Can you explain if a permanent color can be applied over a semi-permanent color? If yes, how long do one need to wait before doing so? Similarly, is it possible to apply a semi-permanent color over a permanent hair color?

It’s always possible to apply Permanent color over semi-permanent color.

however, the time required between color applications solely depends on the condition of the hair in question. You could possibly be safe in applying a permanent color immediately following the application of a semi-permanent color, only if you are sure there are no existing signs of hair damage. Please make sure to take into consideration the base colors of the hair colors being used in order to prevent unwanted or weird color results, but usually applying permanent hair color over semi-permanent color should never cause you any problems.
This color process is for your original hair, if you want to try this on hair extensions it’s advisable to opt for unprocessed hair as processed hair may give weird end colors.

Is it possible to apply a semi-permanent color over a permanent hair color?.

Applying a semi-permanent color over a permanent hair color is actually a reverse process which is not universally a correct way to attempt. If the semi-permanent color is darker than the permanent color you can attempt to apply it over a permanent color. Basically, Semi-permanent color never provides any lifting action to the hair and therefore cannot be actually used to lighten the hair, irrespective of the hair been colored with permanent color or not.

The Permanent color formulas usually contain hydrogen peroxide developer of a sufficient strength to actually lift the color of the hair to which it is being applied before the color is actually deposited.

It’s advisable to avoid attempting this reverse process or if you want to experiment, you must first obtain professional advice from your hairstylist.

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What Are The Top 5 Suitable Hairstyles For Round Face

Hairstyle for Round Face
Hairstyles For Round Face

To help everyone better understand what goes in to selecting a flattering hairstyles for round face and various other face shape, we are first starting with the first face shape by taking a look at the round face. Now, regardless of effect of the other facial features, women with round faces have a specific set of criteria’s to fulfill.

The round face actually looks roughly even in the distance from the chin to the hairline as it is from side to side at the cheek-bone level.

In-fact it varies from the square face shape basically by being more rounded and misses the angularity present at the jaw line and upper forehead area.

For a hairstyle to look appropriate for round face it needs provide enough volume or height at the top of the head, have minimal bulk, or lie close at the sides, and incase it’s a longer style, then should keep minimal volume and bulk at the lower ends of the hair to meet perfection. It’s important for women with round face to avoid styles with full sides, and in the event where the hair is curly, layering and texturing to keep the hair close on the sides must be considered absolutely necessary.

Next, rather than horizontal ones, the fringe areas should feature as angled curved or asymmetrical lines. This is to minimize the importance of the width of the face. Those with complains of thinning hair can make best use of “superfine quality Remy hair extensions” to add length and volume.

Round face haircut style One:

This style would work especially well with wavy hair it’s a variation on the pixie cut. It is short and layered, styled to lie close to the scalp. The bangs are given asymmetrical look by cutting in a curved line and then finally notched to give texture. An illusion is created to make the head look longer vertically, and thus more oval in shape by combining close cut sides, and slight lift on top.

Round face haircut style Two:

Razor-cut layers framing the face this is a long blunt cut style. To keep the softness the hair is styled with a center parting and curved line around the face, and the length gives an illusion of a longer face by concealing the width of the face. This results in soft, smooth, look. In-fact it’s an ideal style for those with naturally straight, fine-to-medium hair.

Round face haircut style Three:

Another short, gamine haircut with textured bangs, this haircut style is excellent for those with straight hair and this haircut can easily be styled as shown to create lots of lift and volume in the short layers, or with minimal volume to give a smoother, sleeker, look. Like the above mentioned Round face haircut style one, this style creates the appearance that the face is longer by adding height, and therefore gives the false impression that the face is an oval as opposed to being round. This style features an off-center parting and wedge-shaped bangs that are heavily textured with a razor.

Round face haircut style Four:

Featuring an angle-cut fringe, and layering around the face , this is a long hair style. The off-centered and angled parting draw the eye upward, while the closeness on the sides and length help to stretch the face into a more oval appearance, Perfect for women with other features like, prominent noses, wide-spaced or close-set eyes, etc and for those who need a style that distracts. The bangs, while angle-cut, are also textured to offer a softer look and keep the face from appearing angular.

Round face haircut style Five:

Offering more volume and curl than the previous styles this long layered hairstyle creates the needed illusion of length by using the added volume and lift at the top of the head and the extra length to counter the volume on the sides. The hair is styled with an off-center parting and the bangs are wispy. Naturally, a great style for those who have thick, curly or wavy hair. The layered curls are styled to frame the face and enhance the impression that the face is more oval.

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