How To Safely Remove The Crotchet Braids

Crochet Braid Tips
How To Remove Crochet Braid

Crotchet braids are done by a professional as the quickest way to get braids instead of enduring the long hours of actual braiding. After looking pretty in your braids they start losing luster and you have to chuck the out to avoid looking like a drag. Crotchet braids are weaved with a latch to hook them to the cornrows and several knots are tied to secure the braid tightly.  Since the faux knot is fixed against your hair, you may dread removing them. It’s not going to be easy to remove the extension hair from your natural hair.  This is a tedious and lengthy process that requires precision though it is not difficult.

 Add some conditioned to the hair especially if your crotchet braids have lasted for a while. You will have to cut much of the added hair but take care not to cut your cornrows. Moisturizer in the process keeps your hair damp in the entire process hence when you start removing the cornrows the remainder of the braids slides off your hair easily.

Start by partitioning your braid to provide access to the cornrows.  Then using an applicator bottle with a nozzle, spay a hair moisturizer or oil to moisturize the hair. Then cut off the crotchet braids leaving some three inches of it from the cornrows. Be careful not to cut the cornrows that may be loosely hanging. You could wrap a colorful elastic band around your hair to distinguish it from the added hair. Start unbraiding the cornrows. At this stage the remaining extension hair will fall off as you remove the braids. After detangling a section of the cornrows detangle it with a rake comb and comb out the artificial braids off.

Comb the entire ahead until it is all detangled. Then using your favorite brand of replenishing conditioner, soak your hair and sit under the steamer for 45 minutes.  Shampoo out all the conditioner and other product build up that may be in your hair.  Perform a tea-rinse on the hair to wipe out the entire product buildup.

Lastly, apply deep conditioner or leave-in conditioner into your hair as you lightly detangle the hair. Dry the hair with a hand dryer and style it according to your desired taste. Do not relax your hair immediately after removing the crotchet weave. A bun or any up-do could be the style you want to spot after the crotchet weave. This procedure should always be at your fingertips. After all said and done the saying goes “You are your own hair!”

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Can A Permanent Color Be Applied Over A Semi-Permanent Color?

Permanent Hair Color
Permanent Hair Coloring Tips

Can you explain if a permanent color can be applied over a semi-permanent color? If yes, how long do one need to wait before doing so? Similarly, is it possible to apply a semi-permanent color over a permanent hair color?

It’s always possible to apply Permanent color over semi-permanent color.

however, the time required between color applications solely depends on the condition of the hair in question. You could possibly be safe in applying a permanent color immediately following the application of a semi-permanent color, only if you are sure there are no existing signs of hair damage. Please make sure to take into consideration the base colors of the hair colors being used in order to prevent unwanted or weird color results, but usually applying permanent hair color over semi-permanent color should never cause you any problems.
This color process is for your original hair, if you want to try this on hair extensions it’s advisable to opt for unprocessed hair as processed hair may give weird end colors.

Is it possible to apply a semi-permanent color over a permanent hair color?.

Applying a semi-permanent color over a permanent hair color is actually a reverse process which is not universally a correct way to attempt. If the semi-permanent color is darker than the permanent color you can attempt to apply it over a permanent color. Basically, Semi-permanent color never provides any lifting action to the hair and therefore cannot be actually used to lighten the hair, irrespective of the hair been colored with permanent color or not.

The Permanent color formulas usually contain hydrogen peroxide developer of a sufficient strength to actually lift the color of the hair to which it is being applied before the color is actually deposited.

It’s advisable to avoid attempting this reverse process or if you want to experiment, you must first obtain professional advice from your hairstylist.

Hope this clears the doubt about Can A Permanent Color Be Applied Over A Semi-Permanent Color? 

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