Top 5 Fabulous Hair Styles for Summer

Top 5 Fabulous Hair Styles for Summer
Top 5 Fabulous Hair Styles for Summer
Finding the perfect hair styles for summer can be a hassle since hot, humid months can leave hair looking a mess. Fortunately, there are plenty of styles you can rock that will look great even in the warmest weather. Here are the  top 5 fabulous hair styles for summer to sport and look fabulous.

Beachy Waves 
Beachy waves just never seem to go out of style and the best thing about them is that they can be worn to casual outings like a day at the beach or fancier places like a romantic dinner. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair simply spray your hair with a sea salt spray while it is damp, scrunch it, and let it air dry. If your hair is straighter, use a curling wand to add wave. The next among the top 5 fabulous hair styles for summer is hair wrap.

Hair Wraps
Styling your hair with a scarf or wrap is a great way to accessorize plus it tames unruly hair when you need to look fabulous in a hurry. You can cover all of your hair or leave part of it down. You can also wear hair wraps with any hair texture and you just don’t really have to worry about styling.

Pin-up Style
Having a bad hair day? You can still look super glamorous by piling your messy hair on top of your hair, pinning it into place, and tying a bright bandana around your head. Throw on some red lipstick and you will be ready to go. It really couldn’t get any easier.

Slicked Back
This style is super simple and the best thing is that it looks very sophisticated and pulled together. This is one of the best styles to wear if you are leaving the gym, pool, or beach and need a fancier look quickly. Simply use a pomade or hair gel and a comb to slick the front section of your hair back. Make sure you don’t use a product with too much shine to avoid making your hair look oily. You can put your hair in a ponytail or leave it down.

Braids are still super popular among fashion savvy girls everywhere. This is a great way to make your hair look super put together and styled without having to worry about what it will end up looking like after you head outside. You can create French braids on both sides and pull the rest of your hair into an up-do or you can simply gather your hair to the side and do a messy fishtail braid.

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Hair Coloring Tips – Top Four Hair Shades To Match Your Skin Tone

Red Head Fashion Girl
Red Color Hair

Coloring your hair can be different for each and every type of hair color, but there are always some general things you want to keep in mind when coloring your hair.

Make sure you don’t do it too often, choose a shade that compliments your skin tone, and understand what sort of maintenance will be required for whichever shade you choose.

Here are some helpful tips and what to expect from every hair shade out of Top Four Hair Shades To Match Your Skin Tone . If you are not sure, We suggest you take your hairstylist opinion before trying to color hair yourself.


that are necessary for your hair color and will make growth much less obvious. Most of the time bleach is required to achieve super light blonde shades which can be very harsh on your hair so make sure you are using a deep conditioner once a week.


Brown hair is usually pretty easy to maintain and it doesn’t fade quite as quickly as other colors. If you decide to go brunette make sure that you are choosing a shade that is only a few shades darker than your natural color to start. It is much easier to go darker at a later time than to have to lighten your hair if you go too dark. Dark hair tends to wash out your skin tone so if you have very fair skin be selective with your new brown shade.


Red hair is the hardest color to maintain and the hardest color to remove so be ready for a commitment if you decide to go red. Red color fades quickly so you will need to touch it up regularly to keep the color fresh. If you decide to go back to your natural color it will take a while to remove the brassy tones from your hair completely. Use color protectants to make your color last longer.


Gray hair can be difficult to color so look for a hair color brand that mentions gray hair coverage. You also want to make sure that you are using a permanent hair color rather than a semi-permanent or demi-permanent color to make sure that the color will cover grays and last long.

No matter which color you are dealing with, make sure that you are using  conditioning products. Also, get your hair trimmed on a regular basis to keep your color looking fresh and your hair healthy. However, We strongly recommend taking professional opinion with your hairstylist before starting.

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Color Paneling – Hot and Trendy Tips For Girls

Hair color Paneling Trends

Girls are getting more and more adventurous with their hair color. Color paneling is when hair is split up into large sections and dyed in bold blocks of color.

Color panels open you up to a whole new range of styles and looks. When you play with your hair and try different parts the panels will break up and look very different in each and every style which is perfect for a girl that likes to keep things new and exciting. There are a couple of drawbacks to panel coloring and some things you want to keep in mind to maintain the panels of color. Here are some tips on how to keep your color panels fresh:

Try to keep a portion of hair your natural color. If you are dying both sections of hair different colors then you are risking the colors spreading into the wrong section especially if a portion of your hair is bleached. You can do panel coloring at home but your best bet will be visiting a salon. If part of your hair is bleached be very careful when applying color and make sure you keep panels separated. Make sure you keep your roots touched up and your ends trimmed.

Your color and style will look much fresher if you maintain your growth. This is especially important for girls who are wearing a section of their hair blonde. If you are using bright colors, especially red, you will want to make sure you keep color at home to touch up your hair if it fades. Use color protecting shampoo and conditioner to help reduce the fading of color.

Know how much time and money you can devote to keeping up your panel coloring. If you can’t afford to touch up your color every couple of weeks you may want to consider keeping the entire top panel of hair your natural color and dying the bottom panel a different color. This way growth will not be as noticeable. If you create a panel on the top of your head you will really need to be ready to keep freshening up the color. Also, remember to pick a hairstyle and cut that flatters your new color. Side swept bangs or layers will really help the color show through and look amazing with panels of color.

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Hair Chalking and Color Smashing-Two Glamorous Techniques to Look Gorgeous

Hair ChalkingBold, bright colors are the newest trend and everyone is scrambling to find the best way to sport these fun hues. Vibrant shades may not be ideal for everyday wear, as work and school environments aren’t quite as fashion forward as beauty enthusiasts would hope.

Luckily, there are plenty of great options out there for trying out unnatural tones without making a commitment. These techniques don’t require bleach and are much less damaging than using a permanent hair color. The best part is that you can do both of them easily at home. Here are a couple of great ways you can get in on the fun new hair color trend:

Hair chalking is a great option for girls who like to switch up their hair color frequently but don’t want to commit to one color. There are many different types of hair chalk. Some come in little tubs while others are held in little devices that look like mini flatirons. The downside to using hair chalk is that it can get somewhat messy if you aren’t careful. Always use a towel when applying hair chalk and don’t use hair chalk over a carpeted area or furniture. The best thing about hair chalk is that it can last for a couple of days, but it washes right out whenever you want it to. If your hair is bleached the color may last a bit longer even after washing it so keep that in mind. You may also want to wear gloves when applying hair chalk.

If you wish to create a blended look you can try a new technique called Color Smashing. You simply take temporary hair color, colored gel, or hair chalk in your hand and smash it into the area of hair you want colored. This will create a gradient look in your hair. Remember that the color may end up staying in longer depending on which type of hair color you use. If you want a neater look you can carefully apply the color to your hair and then smash it in to blend the colors into each other.

Bright hair colors aren’t just for young girls. People of all ages are jumping on the trend. Don’t be afraid to pair up fun shades with your attire! You can even go for a more delicate look by applying hair chalk or colored gel to fine sections of hair just to create a contrast against your natural color. These techniques look great in any hair texture or color and can be used to add a glamorous touch to any up-do or hairstyle.

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