Caring for Color-Treated Hair

When it comes to taking proper care of color-treated hair, there are a few guidelines you will want to follow in order to keep your color lasing longer and to protect your hair from damage.

The first rule of thumb is to not color your hair before you go on vacation. It is natural that women want to have their hair cut and colored before they set off for vacations. The bad news is that chlorine can do a number on color-treated hair as does salt water. Colder climates can also wreck havoc on your locks that have been colored. Your best bet is to wait until your return to have your hair dyed.

Familiarize yourself with both your shampoo and conditioner labels. Some chemicals found in these hair care products can strip the color. Do your research before you lather up. Also, avoid spending too much time in the sun. The sun’s rays break down the chemicals in your hair which leads to fading. If you plan on spending serious time outside, cover up with a hat or spray your hair with a sun protectant that’s water proof to pamper your color.

Once you come inside, make sure you hydrate your hair using a mask that will moisturize your locks. You will also want to do a color check with hair on the top to hair on the bottom in order to check for fading. This can help you determine if your hair care products are the reason your hair is fading.

By following these steps or rules you can help make your color last and avoid numerous trips to the salon for touch ups…..Click Here To Read More Tips

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Beauty Products You Can Afford

Now you can feel beautiful without having to break the bank! These products are trendy and fit every budget! The first is Sally Hansen Salon Effects. This can be purchased for a mere $9.99. The purpose is to give you a salon inspired manicure that doesn’t take along time to dry and can last for 10 days. Not to shabby.

If volume is what you so desire, you can now have Got 2b Powder’ful Volumizing Styling Powder.You can actually apply this hair care product to hair that is dry versus having to apply to damp hair. Itgives you that instant hair height you crave.

The next item in our beauty budget is Degree Women Expert Protection Motion SenseAntiperspirant & Deodorant Invisible Solid. This deodorant is triggered based on the motion of yourbody so it works before you start to perspire.

Zeno Line Rewind can be purchase for $39.99 and it is an anti-aging skin care device fights finelines and wrinkles with triple technology. This is quite handy to have around. The last product on the listtoday is the Goody Spin Pin Mini at a $6.29 value. This is great for the ladies with short or fine hair butcrave the big sister Goody Spin Pin. This handy guy helps you to create an effortless bun.

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7 Must Have Make-Up Brushes

makeup brushes
When it comes to flawless makeup, the tools you use are of utter importance. In fact, there area total of 7 brushes that you should be using when you apply your make-up. Here is what you need to dowhen selecting your heavenly seven.

First, you need to select your brush material. It is imperative to know what your brush is madeof. Blush and eye shadow require a natural brush while creams and liquids need a synthetic material.After a decision has been reached on material, you now need to select size and firmness. Go with whatfeels right to you. But keep in mind that for eyes you won’t want to use a brush that is intended for yourentire face.

You also need to make a decision about the variety of brushes that you use. A foundation brushthat buffs is ideal for your foundation because it will go on smooth and cover your pores for thatflawless look. You also need a powder brush. This will need to be a puffy brush which will give yourpowder an even finish.

Next in line is your blush or bronzer brush. You want to go with soft but long bristles so youdon’t disturb the foundation that you have just applied. Next is a brush that is small, flat and stiff forapplication of eye shadow. You will also need a separate brush for blending your applied eye shadow.You then have your eyeliner and brow brush. The purpose of this brush is to apply eyeliner and to fill inthe eye up to the eyebrow.

You also need a lip brush for your lipstick and lip gloss. Once you have your collection ofcosmetic brushes, you will need to clean them regularly.

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Braided Chignon for Your Next Night out: Get the Look

Braids are once again coming back into being popular and one of the most creative styles that you can pull off is the braided chignon. To do this there are a few steps for you to follow. First you are going to want to use a root booster product and spray it over your hair and make sure to blow dry it into your hair. Next, put a part in the center of your hair and then make a French braid along one side of your hair. Repeat this on the opposite side of your hair. Secure both braids using bobby pins against your head. Pull the rest of the hair back into a braid and secure with a hair tie. Then simply loop the braid you made into it and use bobby pins to secure it. Viola!….Click Here to Continue Reading in more detail

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