Haircuts to Try

While there are some haircuts that seem like they are very daring, you should at least try them once in your life time just to be able to shake things up a bit every so often.

The first is the pixie hair cut. This is a very charming look and well, honestly a little liberating. You may also want to consider the angled pixie bob which is a very short bob just pulled to one side. This is a great hair cut especially if you live in hot climates.

The blunt cut also makes the list. This look can also have the soft side bang but the cut to the length of the hair is very blunt. The flapper also makes the list and is basically the chin length version of the blunt cut.

The last cut is the buzz cut and is only for the truly brave.┬áSo why not try a daring cut just to be different. Just remember that your hair can and will grow back….Click Here to continue reading

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9 Easy Tricks for a Hair Makeover

There are several ways that you can style your hair in a new way without having to take drastic measures. By following these nine tips you can easily see how quickly and almost effortlessly change your hair.

One of the quickest ways to get some different hair includes adding in some clip-in highlights. This way you do not have an expensive salon bill but still a cute look. You can also pull your hair back into a low undone bun. This is sort of like a messy bun. You can also style your hair in a classic looking braided up do that will look oh so chic. If you have naturally curly hair that you typically straighten, then let those curls loose! Or if you curl your hair, just let it hang straight.Or you may go for curly hair extensions You can achieve a pixie look without having to cut all of your hair off. Simply slick back your hair and pull it tightly back in a twist behind your ear. Make sure that you are securing your hair with bobby pins.

You can also brush your bangs forward instead of to the side if you have side bangs in order to create a fringe in the front. If you normally wear your hair down, you can pull it up into a cute but modern pony tail as well. If your hair is styled in a bob fashion you can also add a little curl to create a new look as well. By adding a few accessories you can also change it up. Just like that you have done a hair make over without spending a lot of money…. Click Here To Continue Reading

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