How To Revive Curls

Many girls with curly hair often wonder what they can do in order to keep the springiness in their curls throughout the course of the day. This is where pomades come in handy. However, this can lead to problems if you use too much of this product, touch your hair too much or do too much scrunching because damage is sure to occur. What you will want to do is use a small bit of pomade in your hands and rub it together.

Once you have the pomade you are going to gently run it over your curls and scrunch just a little bit. This is a great product for touch ups so make sure to keep it in your purse…. Click Here To Continue Reading

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How To Make Your Long Hair Look Short

More often then not women who have long hair wish to gain shorter hair without having to get their hair cut while potentially regretting it later. By following these simple steps you can successfully achieve shorter looking hair in a matter of minutes.

First, you will need to gather together your tools. The tools you will need are: hair ties that are elastic, a comb, hair clips and hair spray. Next you are going to separate the top layers of your long hair. Keep in mind that the amount you decide to pull back will also determine how short your hair is going to be. Use one of the hair clips to secure the top section that you have pulled back to the top of your head so that it is not in your way. Grabbing one of the elastic bands you are going to want to pull your remaining hair into a ponytail. You will put the hair elastic tie in the middle of the ponytail. Next you are going to braid the hair of the ponytail and secure it with the second elastic band.

Once you have braided your hair you are ready to tuck the braid underneath. Make sure that you are making a sort of poof. Secure the braid using a hair clip. Now you are ready to take the top part down.
Using your comb, gently tease the top section of your hair. Using the hairspray, spray the bottom of your hair and gently poof your hair up and out. Now your long hair is short!

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