Why Remy Hair Extensions Are More Durable Than Synthetic Ones

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Remy hair extensions
Choosing hair extensions can be really challenging, especially for those individuals who have never used them before. However, the choice can be made quite simple if the quest is to find a natural looking, quality product. Recognized as one of the most widely sought after commodities in the beauty industry.

Remy hair extensions are in a league of their own. Constructed from 100% human hair, Remy Hair Weave are not only created for beauty, but for durability as well.

Carefully selected after collection from a donor, each strand of natural hair is scrupulously laid out by hand to ensure that the cuticles of the extension are not only facing in the same direction, but that each is of the same length and condition as well. Great effort is put into the process so that the cuticles are not notably disturbed or destroyed. Because Remy’s hair collection technique is approached with such care, its’ resulting products are unbelievably amazing. Silky smooth and lustrous, these extensions radiate a natural, healthy looking appearance.

The difference between human hair and synthetic hair is night and day.

There are many advantages to using Remy hair extensions as opposed to the synthetic hair:

Since Remy extensions are created from 100% human hair, they can easily be heated, making them easier to curl or straighten on a daily basis. They can also be frequently washed and styled like natural hair without the worries of damage.

Synthetic hair, on the other hand, has to be treated more delicately. A majority of these extensions cannot take the heat put off by curling or straightening irons and in some cases, the sun. This factor greatly contributes to the shortened life span of synthetic extensions, making maintenance more time consuming, pain staking and costly.

One other key component to keep in mind is that synthetic extensions do not blend in as naturally and beautifully as human hair extensions do. Finding that “perfect” match can be made easier by using Remy Hair extensions.

Although human hair pieces are usually more expensive than synthetic ones, the benefits they provide are worth the extra cost. The old adage that “you get what you pay for,” stands true when it comes to choosing between Remy products and those of other competitors. While affordability is most often a primary factor in the minds of potential consumers, durability is usually next in line. Less trips to the salon means more money in the pocket and installing the Remy hair extensions yourself is very easy.

One of the finest Remy Hair is the Indian Remy Hair that comes in various textures such as:

1) Remy Deep Wave

2) Wavy Remy Hair Extensions

3) Curly Remy Hair Extensions

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The Cost Of Hair Extensions Depends On Type Of Hair

Cost Of Hair Extensions
Cost Of Hair Extensions
It is a known fact that beauty comes at a huge price as living a high life and being famous may sound good but you need to pay a price for these special things. If you want instant long hair then you can consider using long hair extensions instead of waiting for your hair to grow naturally. Addition of hair extensions will help you to get the desired looks and additional volume to your hair.

Hair extensions look more healthy and gorgeous but the “hair extensions cost” may be a factor that deter people to opt for this option. If you want value for your money then you want the best quality at an affordable price. The secondary factors include the texture and length of your hair. Therefore hair extensions cost increases with the increase in the length of your hair.  The services offered by different salons charges different prices for the hair extensions and it depends on the factors like the technique used by the salons, the services offered by them, and the quality of the product they are using.

The hair extensions prices are charged by salons usually according to the coverage area of your head you want to cover with extensions and the quality of the hair. The larger area you cover the more prices you will have to pay.

The price for the hair extensions are as follows-

For partial head coverage – the cost of extension may vary from $100 to $400 for the 100% natural human hair extensions.

Clip in extensions starting price cost somewhere in between $50 to $150 per set depending upon the quality of product and it is slightly cheaper as compared to other hair extensions.

Full head coverage – it may cost about $500 to $1000 for the natural 100% human hair extensions. These extensions will make your hair look much more natural and beautiful.

Apart from this the cost varies if the hair is of superior quality, for eg; Brazilian hair, Indian hair or Peruvian hair or if you want to customize the hair as per your requirement.

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