Iggy Azalea, Madonna, Rita Ora And More Rock Pink Hair: Trend Seeker

Rock pink hair

There’s another run set up for summer. Your hair ought to dependably coordinate your lipstick. That is to say if your lipstick is a bubblegum-pink shade! Yes pink hair is still a thing.

Join the pastel hair club this season and go pink. More youthful star Hillary Duff was right on pattern coordinating her hot pink lipstick and a matching sequined blazer to her hair.

Duff included the picture on Instagram and incorporated a hashtag for her new single, “sparks,” which could imply that the new look is for a potential music video.

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How to Apply Clip-In Extensions for Curly Hair – New York Magazine

Clip in hair extensionsBig body in a tiny amount of time. Sometimes, even people with curly hair crave just a bit more body. Traditional methods, like big barrel rollers and thickening sprays, fight the delicate texture of curly hair, rendering it frizzy and oddly shaped.

But extensions, specifically clip-ins, are a foolproof way to achieve voluminous hair. The Cut asked celebrity hairstylist and fake-hair connoisseur Cynthia Alvarez how to apply clip-in extensions at home. Her method is outlined in the pictures below.

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Melissa McCarthy Explains Why She’s Obsessed with Wigs (and Bought Her Own for Spy)

The actress tells PEOPLE that finding the right wig is “incredibly important” to discovering her character

For Melissa McCarthy, discovering the ideal wig can make or break a performance.

Like Peter Sellers, Harpo Marx and other comedy greats before her, McCarthy understands the power of a good wig.

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These 8 Vitamins Are the Secret to Gorgeous Hair – Redbookmag.com (blog)

hair careFinally, an easy—and delicious—way to fix those split ends. You may not think your hair needs a multivitamin, but rather these minerals and supplements keep every strand solid, glossy, and developing. The best part: there’s no compelling reason to pop a pill—you can discover them in your eating routine. “Eating the correct food is the best and most straightforward approach to invigorate your hair with all that it needs,” says hair care expert Robert Dorin, D.O., a Diplomat of the American Board of Hair Restoration. Delve into these nourishment’s to get your best hair ever—all around.

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