The Most Liked Winter 2012 Hairstyles

Long curly hair for winter
As the year ends, bangs, layers, retros, and bobs come on the scene. Wintry weather is hairstyle weather and the greatest is often saved for the last days of the year.

Picking the right hairstyle is a must if you care about your physical appearance as hairstyles play a very essential role when it comes to beauty and style.  There are a variety of well-known winter 2012 hairstyles to pick from, and these hairstyles are absolutely stunning.

The winter 2012 hairstyles trend are meant to suit the new fashion trends perfectly and allow women to enhance their beauty in the most natural manner.  Here are some of the best hairstyles for the 2012 winter season:

Long Hair
Long hair, whether it is straight, curly, or wavy; is a hair style that women need to consider during winter because it wears perfectly well on bulky clothes. Long hair also looks fantastic under winter hats, enhancing immense elegance and style of a lady’s overall look.

Bob Hairstyle
Bob is another favorite during winter season because it is easy and quick to manage. Women with such a short hairstyle are presented with many options that will help them to enjoy a special appearance. Numerous will certainly look their best with a contemporary bob, which is heavily tapered to provide an exotic flair.

Bangs hairstyles are very common during the winter season because it draws the focus of people to the eyes of the wearer. At the same time, it structures the face, and minimizes the pale look of the skin. Side swept hair bangs are cool and edgy.

Shag hairstyle is an additional appropriate hairstyle that women will have to consider this winter. When considering shags, its layers, texture, and length can actually differ; with lowlights being added to the hair in order to put more dimension and depth into the hairstyle.

Stylish bun hairstyle
Bun hairstyles have always been an excellent choice when it comes to hairstyles due to their fabulous look as well as low maintenance. There are a range of ways you can style a bun hairstyle, depending on personal preference.

When hair styling becomes more about backcombing, buns, and volumes, getting the best hair colors for your skin tone receives huge attention. Regardless of  hairstyle you go for, the latest hair color trends winter 2012 will make them pop out and give you a “look at me” feel. Generally, there are 4 hair color trends winter 2012, blonde, brown, black, and red.

These typical hair color tones have many shades available that will match all skin types.If you’re opting to change your hair color in the privacy of your own home, just keep in mind that whichever color tone and shade you select, make sure it compliments your natural skin tone. To highlight skin tones, certain colors can make them look vibrant or dull; so choose wisely.

Finally, “The key point of adding hair is creating a sense of high-rise. For the people whose face is thin and long, don’t try that casually, because your face seems bit longer in vision. And bangs can make the hair style very fresh and cute; in the meantime, bangs can modify your face shape.

Of course, one mustn’t enforce a specific hairstyle that one wants on his own. It is essential that you discuss the pick with a hairstylist for some professional advice. This is simply to makes sure that you select the very best style for your hair.”

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Top 5 Flirty Hair Styles to Wear Around Your Crush or Date

Flirty hair style
Picking out a hairstyle to wear around your crush or on a first date can be super stressful. Not only do you have to worry about whether or not your hair will cooperate but you also need to make sure that it is appropriate and that it coordinates with your outfit and makeup.

Here are the top 5  flirty hair styles to wear around your crush or date, or just for a fun night out:

A pompadour is a super fun and extremely bold hairstyle. Since you simply have to tease your hair in the front and then use product to keep it in place you don’t have to worry about bad weather or humidity. It will give you more of an edgy, sophisticated look and it will show that you have loads of confidence. This style is best worn with a bold lip or bold eye look. It also looks great if you slick the sides back.

Pigtails are always a fun, flirty style that any guy will love. You can wear them up high or down low and they look great with any length hair. You don’t have to worry about your hair texture either because they look super cute in curly, straight, and wavy hair. If you want to make your look a little more playful try adding bows to the base of your pigtails.

A low side ponytail is a great choice for a flirty style. It switches up your look from a boring basic ponytail and it is much more comfortable than wearing a high ponytail. You can wear your hair curly, wavy, and straight and this is a great flirty style that is office appropriate. It will look absolutely beautiful with a nice blazer.

A top knot is an awesome “flirty hairstyle”. It is incredibly easy to do and it can be worn sleek and neat or wavy and messy. If you want a more sophisticated look then wear it sleek and neat but if you are aiming for something more casual wear it more loosely. All you will need to do is pull all of your hair up on top of your head and secure it with elastic. Finish by wrapping your hair in a bun and pinning it into place.

 The great thing about this style is that it is super easy to do and you can wear it down or pull it up. If you already have a curly or wavy texture to your hair you can simply spray it with a sea salt spray and let it air dry. If you have straight hair you can use a wand and hair spray to quickly add waves.

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Trending Top 5 Hot Blonde Hair Shades

Fabulous golden hair
It has been said that blondes have more fun, and the fact of the matter is, they really do. Blonde is becoming more and more popular, especially since new products and techniques have made it easier for us to maintain our color. One of the toughest things about going blonde is picking out the best shade to suit your features and skin tone. Here are the top five blonde shades and who should wear them:

 Platinum blonde is the lightest shade of blonde. It has an ashy undertone and it looks best on girls with very pale skin or on girls with tan, sun-kissed skin. This is probably the hardest blonde shade to maintain and the most costly. You will need to use a purple toner after bleaching your hair to maintain a true platinum blonde and to eliminate brassy tones.

 Golden blonde is slightly darker than platinum blonde and it contains gold undertones. This shade works well on fair-skinned girls who are trying to warm up their complexion. This can also look great on girls who have tan skin. This shade is a bit easier to maintain and it can be easily achieved with highlights to keep your color lasting longer. Since most people tend to get brassier results this is great for girls who have red or gold undertones in their natural hair color.


Trending Strawberry Blonde Hair Color
Strawberry blonde is a reddish blonde shade that looks fantastic on fair-skinned people. If you have fair features like light blue or green eyes this will really bring out your complexion.

This is another great option for people who have red or gold undertones in their hair. Since red is one of the quickest fading colors it is best to use a color-specific shampoo and conditioner to help maintain your strawberry blonde after you have your hair colored.

 Honey or caramel blondes are beautiful on dark skinned girls. It gives their complexion a beautiful overall glow. It is super easy to maintain and can be achieved through highlights. If you have extremely dark hair you may want to consider using a toner to prevent your new caramel locks from looking overly brassy. Maintenance is fairly simple on this beautiful shade.

 Dark blonde or “bronde” shades are the perfect mixture of bright, blonde hues mixed with a dark, brunette tint. You can barely tell whether or not this color is blonde or brunette, but it adds mega shine and a gorgeous glow. This is a more complex hair color and should be taken care of by a professional hair stylist for best results. This is an ideal shade for transitioning between summer and fall months. This color is very universal and can be worn on ultra fair, medium, tan, or dark skin tones.

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Beautiful Homecoming Hairstyles In Trend

Homecoming Hairstyle
Picking out a homecoming hairstyle can be really stressful. You need to plan accordingly for the venue you will be at and you also need to make sure that, the hairstyle that you choose will work well with your dress.

Fortunately, there are tons of hairstyles that will work well both indoors and outdoors, as well as, with a number of different dress styles. Here are the top homecoming hairstyles for 2012:

A messy fishtail braid can create a beautiful contrast against a classic, sleek homecoming dress. It has a romantic vibe that is perfect for this occasion. A fishtail braid can be worn to the side or in the back and it will work with both strapless and one-shouldered gowns. The best part is that you can create this fabulous hairstyle at home. Simply wash your hair and spritz it with a texturizing product. Let your hair air dry and then begin braiding it into a fishtail braid. You can add accessories to the bottom that match your dress.

Top knots are also going to be hot homecoming hairstyles for 2012. They keep hair up off of your neck making them perfect for showing off intricate necklines or statement jewelry pieces. The great thing about this style is that you can wear it sleek or messy. It can be worn in shoulder-length to long hair and it is also relatively easy to do. You can incorporate accessories throughout the bun or you can add headbands or tiaras.

Half-up hairstyles are always a go-to favorite during homecoming. The reason that this style is super popular is because it keeps your hair back while still giving your hair tons of length. This style can be worn in any hair texture and it’s perfect for girls who just can’t quite decide between leaving their hair down or pulling it up into an updo. You can add tons of different hair accessories like flowers and clips so it is incredibly versatile.

The most important thing to remember while picking out a hairstyle is to look for something that will be comfortable. You don’t want to have your hair up in a tight updo if it is going to be a pain all night. Make sure you consider all of your options. These three hairstyles will definitely pull your look together and make you stand out from the crowd. Any one of these beautiful homecoming hairstyles will be perfect for the big day.

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