Two-Tone Color – Style your Hair with Bold Highlights

Two-Tone Hair Color
With tons of style trends out there two-tone color is associated with bold highlights, ombre hairstyles,or color paneling. Technically two-tone hair color is any style with two different tones, but typically it is referring to hair that is clearly sectioned into two different shades.

Some of the more common two-tone examples are styles that have hair split down the center part with two colors or hair that is one color on the top and another color on the bottom. Unlike ombre hairstyles, this technique actually splits hair into two different sections and colors the hair a different color from root to tip. This style shows up best through hair that is layered.

Many people want a specific hair color but they don’t want to deal with the maintenance of keeping up with highlights, low-lights or block color. Two-tone color is an excellent option for those who want to switch things up but don’t have the time to keep up with color maintenance. For an easy two-tone style that doesn’t require much maintenance, make an even part from the top section and the bottom section of your hair. Leave the top color your natural shade and color the bottom section a different color. Make sure you keep the upper section pinned up and avoid getting the bottom color on it during the process. Keeping the upper layer your natural color will eliminate the need for coloring your roots.

This process will be easiest if you go to a salon but you can actually add two-tone color at home without much hassle. If you can get a friend to section off the top half and add color to the bottom section it will be easier and much more precise, but you can do it without any help. Make sure you use a rat-tooth comb to create an even part and use two mirrors to make sure that the sections are even. When you wash out the color keep the sections separated.

The great thing about two-tone colors is that there are so many different style options that you can try. You can wear platinum shades with jet black shades or you can even add extreme colors to dark or light colors. The color combinations are endless. If you have fair skin, platinum blondes or black shades may not be ideal for your skin tone as it can make you look washed out but bright colors will create an incredible contrast against your skin. Dark shades paired with caramel shades look great on darker skin tones and extreme blondes mixed with a darker color look beautiful against tan skin. If you are looking for a more natural two-tone style pick shades that have the same base color. For instance, if your hair is red or auburn, choose a strawberry blonde shade rather than an ash blonde to go together.

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Trendy Hairstyle Peek-A-Boo Highlights

Trendy Hairstyle Peek-A-Boo Highlights
Trendy Hairstyle Peek-A-Boo Highlights
Trendy Hairstyle Peek-A-Boo Highlights are not only super trendy but they look awesome on everyone. Basically, these are highlights that “peek” out from underneath the top layer of your hair.

The top section of your hair is a solid color while the bottom section is highlighted which creates a multidimensional effect right around your neckline. This hair trend can be worn in practically any color and it’s an excellent technique for adding bold colors like blue, pink, or purple without going overboard.

If you are considering getting peek-a-boo hair highlights here are some things to keep in mind to keep your hair looking it’s best:

It is ok to get highlights that create an extreme contrast against your base color, but shades that are only a few levels apart will look more natural. If you want a noticeable color variation gradually lighten the highlights so you can pick the color that works best for you.

Avoid getting platinum highlights with a very dark base especially if you are getting thicker “peek-a-boo highlights” as this can create a “skunk-like” effect. Chunky peek-a-boo highlights can look great but be mindful of the colors you choose.

Also, some people opt to put a single streak of color over top of the upper layer of their hair. Make sure you are careful of the placement if you decide to add highlights to the upper section as it can throw the color off balance. Choosing a section towards the very front or midway through the side is best.

Color paneling is another hair color trend that is popping up. Instead of placing highlights throughout your hair, you carefully color large sections of hair. Color paneling helps create a very different look with varying styles because the placement of color is very structured. Unlike the Trendy Hairstyle Peek-A-Boo Highlights, this style looks best with very drastic color choices. This an ideal technique for bright colors and it works well with platinum hair or extremely dark hair. Hair does not have to be layered with color paneling for colors to show through.

Color paneling is a little more difficult to achieve than “peek-a-boo highlights”. Some people attempt to do color blocking at home, but results will turn out better if you go to a professional stylist at a salon. First of all, the colors need to be carefully placed so it is best to have someone who can see what they are doing all around. Secondly, if you are using two colors it is important to not let one color seep into the color next to it for even color. Maintenance will be a little more extensive on this style technique as roots will need to be touched up.

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