Top Fabulous Hair Color Trends

Ombre hair color

Darker brunette hair shades typically come around during fall months, but girls are breaking out of the norm this year and they are trying new and exciting shades. The recent hair color trends are still going to be super popular during the fall. Rather than heading straight for a dark brown hue, many girls are exploring different hair coloring techniques and innovative new shades. Here are some of the top “fabulous hair color trends” for fall of 2012:

Ombre hair color is still staying super trendy because of its unique twist on blending dark and light shades together. The great thing about this style is that you can use a semi-permanent color to darken up the top section which means it will gradually fade making it much easier to return to a lighter shade. This hair color also allows girls to keep their sunny locks while still darkening up a bit to coordinate with fall colors.

Bright bold hair colors are exceptionally popular right now and they will still look awesome when your skin tone lightens up. Some of the more stylish colors include blues, pinks, and purples. You can try out these shades by opting for a temporary hair color. Make sure you are very careful if your hair is color treated or bleached, as temporary hair colors may last a bit longer in these hair types. In other words, don’t try these out the day before a wedding or an important work function.

Dip dyed hair has also been trending among fashionistas. You can do this style at home by using color rub or hair chalk on the ends of your hair. The biggest advantage of using these methods is the fact that you can change the color regularly without having to worry about damage from chemical treatments. You can even blend different shades together to create a gradient effect. Pastel or bright shades of color tend to be the most popular choices for dip dyed hair.

One thing that these fabulous hair color trends have in common is their ability to grab people’s attention. They can be worn in a very bold manner or they can be toned down for a more subtle vibe. This is a great way to switch things up this year rather than just darkening your locks. These hair colors can also be easily changed to a darker shade. No matter which one of these hair color trends you try, you will definitely make a statement.

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How To Achieve Longer Hair Applying Perfect Application Method

Application Of Hair Extensions

Many girls turn to hair extensions to achieve a fuller, lengthier look, but picking the perfect application method for your-self can be tough. There are many different ways you can add hair extensions to your style. You can braid, clip, sew, glue, and fuse extensions into your natural hair. Some of the most popular methods of applying hair extensions are sewing, gluing, and clipping in hair extensions. Here are some facts and tips on these three methods to help you pick the one that’s right for you:

When you sew extensions in your hair you will need to have sections of hair braided at the bottom of your hair so that you can sew the extensions into the braids with a needle and thread. This is not a technique that can be done easily without the help of someone else. As your hair grows and as the braid loosens the tracks of hair extensions also become loose which can require a bit of maintenance. One of the benefits of this technique is that it looks very natural and it is easy to style.

Another method of applying hair extensions is gluing them into place. You simply section off your hair and use a special adhesive to glue the hair extensions to your existing hair. If the extensions loosen up at any time you can easily add more glue to keep the hair in place. One of the downfalls of this technique is that your natural hair can become damaged and may wind up shedding heavily when you eventually remove the extensions. There are solutions available to help remove the glue but they can become somewhat messy. The major benefit of this technique is that it is long lasting and easy to style.

Clipping in hair extensions is an extremely popular method of applying extensions. You can purchase hair extensions that already have clips attached or you can buy tracks of hair and sew the clips on yourself to save some money. All you have to do is tease sections of hair or wiggle the clips back and forth to get the clips to grip onto your natural hair. One of the things that are inconvenient about this method is the fact that it is typically only used to put hair in for a short period of time. In other words, you will need to keep reapplying the hair. Some of the benefits are that it is less damaging and you can easily apply the hair yourself. No matter which method you choose, hair extensions will help you achieve longer, fuller hair.

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Steps For Prepping Your Hair

Prep The Hair Extensions

When considering hair extensions there are often many questions that come to mind, but one of the most important things you should know is how to prep the hair extensions and how to prep your own hair for hair extensions.

There are many different techniques that can be used to wear and apply extensions, but prepping hair for the process is pretty much universal. Some things you may need to know is whether or not you should cut and color your extensions, how you can curl and straighten your extensions, and how you should prep your hair for the application of extensions.

Extensions can be cut regardless of what type you purchase, but you should only color the extensions if they are made of 100% human hair.  Hair should be cut to blend in with your natural hair. Typically, they should be layered so that the difference in length is not extremely apparent and fake looking. You can cut your extensions at home, have a stylist cut them, or purchase them pre-cut.

You can curl and straighten human hair extensions the way you would your normal hair with a heat styling tool. If your extensions will not be firmly attached to your natural hair it may be easier for you to straighten or curl your hair extensions prior to adding them into your own hair. You can set your hair extensions on rollers if you’d like to make the process a little bit easier.

You will also need to consider how you should take care of your own hair prior to putting extensions in. You should wash and condition your hair in the same way that you normally would. You can dry it and style it in place prior to putting in the extensions if you’d like. You can even add product to the root to add extra grip if you will be sewing or clipping in the extensions. Hair that is all one length will not look as natural as hair that is layered, so you may want to consider asking your stylist to add layers to your hair prior to adding in extensions. By following these steps for prepping your hair, your extensions will look and feel great.

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How To Identify Symptoms Causing Frizzy Hair

Frizzy Hair

The symptoms common with frizzy hair are split-ends, crinkling, dryness and lack of control which are caused basically by drying of follicles or damage to follicles resulting in broken or weakened follicles.

The frizzy hair causes can be categorized in four specific areas;

Excessive Dryness: Dryness and lack of control or lack of moisture results in Excessive dryness. Use of anti-frizz cream is recommended to soften roughness and add moisture.

Use of Chemicals: Chemical treatments like (coloring, perms, bleaching) can sap moisture, removes protective oils, and cause follicles to become excessively brittle. Consistent use of chemicals or coloring through regular treatments usually leads to this problem. Alcohol in any product, is considered as worst to use in hair as it dries up the hair much faster. Avoiding chemical treatment to the hair for minimum six months is recommended so that you regain your hair length and avoid further damage. The hair grows approximately 6-8 inches in a year.

Environmental Factors: Like Sun UVA/UVB, chlorine, and other contaminants are equally harsh on hair. Avoid swimming without protection, avoid washing hair in areas where you mostly find hard water as it will result in frizzy hair and the hair will start falling. In such circumstances you need to make arrangement for soft water, Drinking or mineral water to wash your hair. Not to forget you must always apply UV protectants.

Heat Damage: By using flat irons, rollers, curling irons, dryers etc..
Heat is another factor which makes the hair dry, it all depends how many times a person is blow drying or using a curling iron, how frequently the person uses flat iron to straighten or style the hair etc.. if its too frequent then it may cause the hair to break or can lead to brittleness.

So to keep the hair healthy, smooth, soft and under control, moisturizing is considered as key element. You can as well make use of these natural hair remedies to strengthen your hair.

Hope you enjoyed the information on How To Identify Symptoms Causing Frizzy Hair

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