How To Remove Tape Hair Extensions

How To Remove Tape Hair
Tape In Hair Extensions

Ladies look glamorous in tape hair extensions always whenever the right procedure is adhered to when removing the hair extensions. The tape hair extensions are well acknowledged for adding volume thickness and shine to your natural hair. These tape hair extensions are usually fused with original hair to create depth and fullness. The extensions are bonded with adhesive tapes that are difficult to detach whenever you need to change your hairstyle. You can remove the tape hair extensions easily with these steps.

Discover where the natural hair meets the tape extensions: You need to find the place at which the tape hair extensions were attached to your hair. To achieve this you first have to clip your hair to separate it from the extensions. Therefore you can be able to see the extension tape easily.

Spray sheen oil: After finding the base of the tape hair extensions, you can spray a large amount of sheen oil on each tape. Little sheen oil will do a shoddy work hence you need to apply a generous amount. The sheen helps to loosen each tape from your natural hair. Rub the sheen oil to saturate the tape so that it comes off easily.

Hair grease: There are strong tape hair extensions that won’t come off easily hence hair grease will come in handy. The hair grease loosens the tapes. Apply the grease to the natural hair. While applying grease, you should twist and shake the tape hair extensions in order to remove.

Remove tape hair extensions: While applying hair grease you may feel the tape getting loose. You therefore must remove the tape from your head. However if you feel that you are pulling your real hair then you have to continue to apply grease until the tapes become completely loose. This procedure may not be efficient because even if all the tape hair extensions are removed, you will find some of the tapes still attached to your hair.

Cold water wash: Removal of tape hair extensions doesn’t guarantee total removal of extensions pieces. Wash your hair with cold water while scrubbing it hard. You can wash with shampoo and conditioner till your hair is sparkling clean. Hot water will cause the adhesive tape melt and re-attach with your natural hair. Cold water hardens the tape making it less adhesive.

Blow drying the hair:Using a low setting you can blow dry your hair? Hot setting will cause some tiny tape particles to melt and re-attach with your hair. When the hair is dry, comb it and remove the remnants of the tape.

Patience is the key to removing the process easily.

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