Top Fabulous Hair Color Trends

Ombre hair color

Darker brunette hair shades typically come around during fall months, but girls are breaking out of the norm this year and they are trying new and exciting shades. The recent hair color trends are still going to be super popular during the fall. Rather than heading straight for a dark brown hue, many girls are exploring different hair coloring techniques and innovative new shades. Here are some of the top “fabulous hair color trends” for fall of 2012:

Ombre hair color is still staying super trendy because of its unique twist on blending dark and light shades together. The great thing about this style is that you can use a semi-permanent color to darken up the top section which means it will gradually fade making it much easier to return to a lighter shade. This hair color also allows girls to keep their sunny locks while still darkening up a bit to coordinate with fall colors.

Bright bold hair colors are exceptionally popular right now and they will still look awesome when your skin tone lightens up. Some of the more stylish colors include blues, pinks, and purples. You can try out these shades by opting for a temporary hair color. Make sure you are very careful if your hair is color treated or bleached, as temporary hair colors may last a bit longer in these hair types. In other words, don’t try these out the day before a wedding or an important work function.

Dip dyed hair has also been trending among fashionistas. You can do this style at home by using color rub or hair chalk on the ends of your hair. The biggest advantage of using these methods is the fact that you can change the color regularly without having to worry about damage from chemical treatments. You can even blend different shades together to create a gradient effect. Pastel or bright shades of color tend to be the most popular choices for dip dyed hair.

One thing that these fabulous hair color trends have in common is their ability to grab people’s attention. They can be worn in a very bold manner or they can be toned down for a more subtle vibe. This is a great way to switch things up this year rather than just darkening your locks. These hair colors can also be easily changed to a darker shade. No matter which one of these hair color trends you try, you will definitely make a statement.

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Top Fabulous Hair Color Trends
"Ombre hair color is still staying super trendy because of its unique twist on blending dark and light shades together, Dip dyed hair has also been trending among fashionistas".