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Blonde is the golden gal’s hair to stardom. Blonde hair defines your attitude and helps you shine wherever you go. Therefore your Blondie hair requires bright image and perfect maintenance. Whether you are blessed by nature to be a Blondie or you achieved by hair treatment, nothing should stop you from enjoying the aura that comes with the Goldie color.

As a Blondie you must maintain your hair more frequently. Don’t use hair colors that weigh down the hair rather the colors should complement your hair with a lustrous glow Use light weight products enriched with transparent ingredients and many nutrients to prevent the grey streak of dullness tat creeps into the hair. The conditioners should have active ingredients to retain calcium and magnesium in water thus creating shiny hair. Intensify the hair color by adding pigments of gold and silver thus creating illusions of captivate reflections.

Protect your hair during summer with UV protectors. This is because the lighter hair has less melanin thus the sun rays will penetrate causing more harm. Leave-in UV protection spray is the best for blonde hair. Spritz the spray before blow drying. You can throw in a trendy summer hat for more protection too.

Shampooing once a week will counter the abrasiveness and yellowing of blonde hair. Blue base or purple shampoo bases takes out the abrasiveness. Nicotine turns hair into ugly yellow shade therefore by all means avoid smoking. Even second hand smoking creates the same effect on blond hair.

For deep cleansing the blonde hair, use the clarifying shampoo to remove chlorine found in water. Thus before you take a swim, soak the hair in deep conditioning treatment and Argan oil. A swimming cap is highly recommended because the chlorine in pool water turns the blonde hair into nasty green.

Like All hair types, blonde require moisture thus nourish the blond hair with moisturizer at least twice a week. When applying oil, start from mid shaft to the tips of the hair. Avoid applying oil to the roots.   Touching up should be done after two months especially if you have a platinum blonde style. Even though the hair may grow faster avoid re-dying your hair frequently because it dries and breaks out. Whenever you get the dreadful tinge of green on your hair, wash it off with lemon juice in a glass of water. Alternatively dissolved Aspirin will eradicate the green.

Weekly cure for blond hair is the remedy. The hair cures deeply penetrate the hair and elevates the Dandruff layers that are normally destroyed by the bleaching. Lavender and chamomile are your hairs best friends when it comes to wading off the yellow tinge. Whether you decide to wear Ash-blonde or Caramel-blonde, the shining star should always be you.

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Hair Coloring Tips – Top Four Hair Shades To Match Your Skin Tone

Red Head Fashion Girl
Red Color Hair

Coloring your hair can be different for each and every type of hair color, but there are always some general things you want to keep in mind when coloring your hair.

Make sure you don’t do it too often, choose a shade that compliments your skin tone, and understand what sort of maintenance will be required for whichever shade you choose.

Here are some helpful tips and what to expect from every hair shade out of Top Four Hair Shades To Match Your Skin Tone . If you are not sure, We suggest you take your hairstylist opinion before trying to color hair yourself.


that are necessary for your hair color and will make growth much less obvious. Most of the time bleach is required to achieve super light blonde shades which can be very harsh on your hair so make sure you are using a deep conditioner once a week.


Brown hair is usually pretty easy to maintain and it doesn’t fade quite as quickly as other colors. If you decide to go brunette make sure that you are choosing a shade that is only a few shades darker than your natural color to start. It is much easier to go darker at a later time than to have to lighten your hair if you go too dark. Dark hair tends to wash out your skin tone so if you have very fair skin be selective with your new brown shade.


Red hair is the hardest color to maintain and the hardest color to remove so be ready for a commitment if you decide to go red. Red color fades quickly so you will need to touch it up regularly to keep the color fresh. If you decide to go back to your natural color it will take a while to remove the brassy tones from your hair completely. Use color protectants to make your color last longer.


Gray hair can be difficult to color so look for a hair color brand that mentions gray hair coverage. You also want to make sure that you are using a permanent hair color rather than a semi-permanent or demi-permanent color to make sure that the color will cover grays and last long.

No matter which color you are dealing with, make sure that you are using  conditioning products. Also, get your hair trimmed on a regular basis to keep your color looking fresh and your hair healthy. However, We strongly recommend taking professional opinion with your hairstylist before starting.

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Trending Top 5 Hot Blonde Hair Shades

Fabulous golden hair
It has been said that blondes have more fun, and the fact of the matter is, they really do. Blonde is becoming more and more popular, especially since new products and techniques have made it easier for us to maintain our color. One of the toughest things about going blonde is picking out the best shade to suit your features and skin tone. Here are the top five blonde shades and who should wear them:

 Platinum blonde is the lightest shade of blonde. It has an ashy undertone and it looks best on girls with very pale skin or on girls with tan, sun-kissed skin. This is probably the hardest blonde shade to maintain and the most costly. You will need to use a purple toner after bleaching your hair to maintain a true platinum blonde and to eliminate brassy tones.

 Golden blonde is slightly darker than platinum blonde and it contains gold undertones. This shade works well on fair-skinned girls who are trying to warm up their complexion. This can also look great on girls who have tan skin. This shade is a bit easier to maintain and it can be easily achieved with highlights to keep your color lasting longer. Since most people tend to get brassier results this is great for girls who have red or gold undertones in their natural hair color.


Trending Strawberry Blonde Hair Color
Strawberry blonde is a reddish blonde shade that looks fantastic on fair-skinned people. If you have fair features like light blue or green eyes this will really bring out your complexion.

This is another great option for people who have red or gold undertones in their hair. Since red is one of the quickest fading colors it is best to use a color-specific shampoo and conditioner to help maintain your strawberry blonde after you have your hair colored.

 Honey or caramel blondes are beautiful on dark skinned girls. It gives their complexion a beautiful overall glow. It is super easy to maintain and can be achieved through highlights. If you have extremely dark hair you may want to consider using a toner to prevent your new caramel locks from looking overly brassy. Maintenance is fairly simple on this beautiful shade.

 Dark blonde or “bronde” shades are the perfect mixture of bright, blonde hues mixed with a dark, brunette tint. You can barely tell whether or not this color is blonde or brunette, but it adds mega shine and a gorgeous glow. This is a more complex hair color and should be taken care of by a professional hair stylist for best results. This is an ideal shade for transitioning between summer and fall months. This color is very universal and can be worn on ultra fair, medium, tan, or dark skin tones.

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Hairstyle Tips For Women With Short Hair

While it has been a popular belief that women with longer hair are more attractive then those with short hair, it is now true that there are many short hairstyles that are very attractive.

One of the very best tips for women with short hair is to add layers in order to help add volume and to accentuate the face. If you have a square shaped face, then allow your hair to fall to the side. Girls with curly hair also look very cute with short hair. There are many different types and sizes of curls that you can experiment with as well.Using Hair Extensions for short hair is a great option!

Short hair gives many different options for styling so that you can have fun with your hair while looking attractive…. Click Here To Continue Reading

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