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Odd Beauty Tips You’ve Not Heard Before

Throughout our lives we have all heard odd beauty tips at one point or another. It’s time to debunk these tips and find the truth. The first off the wall beauty tip is using mayo for dry hair.However, the oil that is in mayo actually does more harm then good.

Dry elbows and feet; you can use diaper rash cream to repair and hydrate the skin. This tip isfactual. You can also use dryer sheets to help tame the beast that is your hair. But this beauty tip is onlytemporary and you may want to stick to hair care products for wild hair.

Lobster red skin; you can soak in strong black tea because this remedy takes the sting of theburn out. The tannic acid that can be found in the tea helps draw the burn out and helps heal your redskin. Want some highlights without a trip to the salon? You can use lemon juice to help lighten your hair.The acid in the juice along with the suns rays gives your hair a high light for less than the amount of cashyou’d give the hair dresser.

Some people have made claims that urine can help acne. This is so not true! Please don’t rubyour pee on your face just flush. You can also apply olive oil to your hair ten minutes prior to washing togive it a boost in conditioning. This is true and makes the hair silky and smooth. In addition to the urinemyth, rubbing a potato on your face doesn’t dry your skin up but it does taste good baked!

If you want to get rid of that zit you can apply tooth paste to it overnight. But you have to use plain white tooth paste for it to work. Bags under your eyes; you can use hemorrhoid cream to take outthe puffiness because of the anti-inflammatory agents that can be found in the cream.

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