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Stay Away From Contaminants by Making Your Own Cosmetics

Recently the Food and Drug Administration conducted tests on several different brands of well known lipsticks and they discovered that all these lipsticks contained lead. Because of this fact, the FDA also recalled other types of beauty products because they also discovered mercury, lead and other contaminants. As a result, women who take their health seriously began to reconsider the products they had been using on their skin.

Many of the ingredients that can be found in beauty products are often times impossible to pronounce and some of these ingredients are shockingly on the list that is being watched due the potential to cause cancer. GreenBliss EcoSpa’s owner Randi Ragan urges women to be aware that any product with more than five ingredients has negative chemicals in it.

Among the things found in make-up and other cosmetics, scents and artificial colors are chemicals that especially when used on a daily basis, they are being absorbed into the wearer’s skin

which is our body’s largest organ. Therefore, organic cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular because these organic materials are acting as skin food.

However, if you are not accustomed to using organic products you may seem weary at first because it can take a while before you begin to notice any results. It is also a fact that the tingly sensation you feel from your beauty products, is due to the chemicals it contains. It is recommended when starting a natural or organic beauty regimen that you are being consistent with its use. When you feel your face becoming tight from using face wash it is not a good sign and is actually damaging to your skin.

Those who are conscious when it comes to living a green life style is the fact of some beauty products containing the parts of animals such as shark fins. There are several products available to consumers that are vegan and there are also kits you can purchase that are do-it-yourself treatments.

These contain creams, toners and other products that are used on the face and other body parts and are completely free of chemicals.

One mixture that you can make at home is created using plain yogurt and strawberries. Both of these items are should be organic and can be created to use as a face mask. The strawberries also act as an anti-acne treatment for an additional benefit.

As you can see, it is better for your skin to go the natural route and you are also doing positive things for the environment all while looking fabulous.

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Beauty Products You Can Afford

Now you can feel beautiful without having to break the bank! These products are trendy and fit every budget! The first is Sally Hansen Salon Effects. This can be purchased for a mere $9.99. The purpose is to give you a salon inspired manicure that doesn’t take along time to dry and can last for 10 days. Not to shabby.

If volume is what you so desire, you can now have Got 2b Powder’ful Volumizing Styling Powder.You can actually apply this hair care product to hair that is dry versus having to apply to damp hair. Itgives you that instant hair height you crave.

The next item in our beauty budget is Degree Women Expert Protection Motion SenseAntiperspirant & Deodorant Invisible Solid. This deodorant is triggered based on the motion of yourbody so it works before you start to perspire.

Zeno Line Rewind can be purchase for $39.99 and it is an anti-aging skin care device fights finelines and wrinkles with triple technology. This is quite handy to have around. The last product on the listtoday is the Goody Spin Pin Mini at a $6.29 value. This is great for the ladies with short or fine hair butcrave the big sister Goody Spin Pin. This handy guy helps you to create an effortless bun.

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