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How To Hide Your Hair Bangs

Hide Your Hair Bangs
Hide Your Hair Bangs
Bangs are great when used to accentuate your eyes and facial features, however when they become overgrown or you get tired of them, or miss your initial look before you got them they get challenging. As they over grow the get in your face a lot and cause discomfort. Using hair pins, bobby or hair accessories, you can hide the bangs.

For a pull-back hairstyle you pull the bangs behind, and then twist the bangs a little then secure them into place with a bobby pin. This can be useful for days you are out in the sun and the wind is blowing slightly.   When wearing a parted-style, you part the middle of the head and secure the bangs with pins on both sides. Alternatively after parting the hair, you can pin the bangs on one side of the part. You can also twist your frontal hair bangs into a Dutch twist. Start from one edge of the head and start twisting. Add little hair as you continue twist until you obtain a nice Dutch twist. When done, secure with pins and add some hairspray. This is a great hairdo after you’ve had a pixie cut.

Create the side swept hairdo with the bangs. This is done by parting at the side then you grab more section of the hair to cover the bangs. This achieves a look with longer bangs.

Hide the bangs by doing a classic blow-out and let the bangs loose. You can do this by blow out the bangs alone then after washing, comb with a round brush. Roll the bangs under the brush and ensure they dry in the side-swept direction. Using a flat iron will ensure you get right results. Do an easy twist and pin trick to hide your bangs while giving you an edgy hairdo. Just gather the bangs and twist them slight and away from your face. Align the twist along the hairline and pin the twist lightly at the side of your head then spray your bangs with slight hairspray. A straight pin back is also a great way of hiding the bangs. It creates the illusion of lengthy hair. With the straight-pin back look you should always tuck the ends of the pieces into the rest of your hair. You can braid the bangs to create a French braid at the front of your hairline. Begin the French braid from the root tips and continue till you complete all the hair bangs. You can use an elastic band to secure the braid or the bobby pins.

All these measures will cut you the slack until your bangs grow lengthy enough to match the rest of the hair.

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How To Style Your Hair For Oval, Round, Long Triangle And Heart Shape Faces

Oval Shaped Face
Oval Shaped Face

We have different shapes to characterize our faces. You have to consider your facial shapes when styling your hair.  There are many facial shapes but the main ones include, oval, round, long triangle and heart shape.

The Oval shaped faces are characterized by narrow jaw line than the temples but with rounded hairline.

The ideal style for oval is those that expose your ideal features by sweeping off your face. These faces looks fabulous with slicked back hair dos.  Avoid style crowding your face or those that cover the face. Bangs and too much facial hair depict you as plump. And one length of hair makes the face long and narrow. Celebrities with oval shaped faces include: Rihanna, Kate Middleton or Mila Kunis.

 Long/oblong/rectangular face is twice long as wide as the face. The forehead and the jawbone are always the same size. For long faces, go for bob hair to accentuate the length of your face. Curls and boobs with layers create soft and fuller facial lines. Side wept texturized or razored bangs are also ideal for the long face. Wispy bangs with crop cut offset a long face. It goes a long way to shorten the lengthy appearance of your face at the same time adding volume. Avoid lengthy smooth fine styles. Hair falling past your shoulders elongates your facial features. If you must wear long hair then get additional layers to increase your volume and softness. Janet Jackson, Nicki Taylor is few celebrities with noticeable long faces.

Rounded face has the cheeks and ears as the widest point of the face. The soft fullness of the cheeks is complemented by the rounded jaw line. For Round faces you have to soften the outline of any hair cut get a texturized edges. Styles swept of the face and fullness height increasing crown with perfectly for the round face. Consider doing a huge side part at the center of the crown creates the enviable asymmetrical effect to a round face. It’s advisable to do a long layered hairstyle as you can never go wrong.

A heart shaped face has wide hairline and temples but smaller chin thus go for chin length hair styles. Adventures with side parted hair, chin length bob to complement the generous cheekbones. A heart shaped face allows for shorter hair styles that increase volume at the nape wile drawing attention to the cheekbones.  Avoid the short and full styles that created a booby head effect. Steer away from n slicked back looks and too much weight at the crown. Tyra banks, Claudia Schiffer and Ashley Green are among the many the celebrities with heart shaped faces.

Triangular face is a reverse of the heart shaped face and you definitely style you hair the opposite of the heart face. This is dominated with fuller jaws and narrow temples. Renowned celebs with triangular faces are Kelly Osborne and Minnie Driver.

Always ensure these simple beauty rules to help you get by your best styles every time.

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