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How To Achieve a Smoother and Healthier Hair

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Each individual has his own unique hair. We could express ourselves through the hair and the styles we use. People should always take good care of their hair for this is our crowning glory. Maintaining a beautiful, healthy hair will make a person more appealing.

Looking your best is always a plus in the corporate world. Having the perfect hair will make you look more pleasant and stress free, but because of pollution and treatments, our hair becomes dull and lifeless.

In order to achieve a smoother and healthier hair, we could do some beauty regiments that could bring back the life of our hair. You don’t have to pay for hair treatments that cost a lot of money. Even if you’re at home, you could still take good care of your hair.

To achieve a shiny hair, a person should consider his body intakes. If the person is healthy inside, it shows in the outside, and that includes the health of your hair. Eating a balanced diet will make your hair look healthier and shinier. Drink lots of water, preferably eight to ten glasses a day. This will aid in strengthening your hair and giving it life. Our hair is composed of 25% water, so try to get hydrated all the time.

After having a shower, dry your hair in a normal room temperature using a towel. Use the towel to absorb the excess moisture, but remember, do not rub your hair too hard. Minimize the usage of blow dryer, hair flat iron, and curling iron. This will only damage your hair faster when used often. To avoid having brittle hair, stay natural if you can.

Using the right kind of hairbrush will help your hair to be strong. Use a wide-tooth comb when combing wet hair. We often have tangles after washing our hair, so use this kind of comb to avoid damage. Using a hard steel comb to detangle wet hair will only cause damage.

To be able to remove split ends, take a small section of hair and twist in a gentle downward movement. Doing this, the split ends will stick out and will be easier to cut. Use a sharp hair scissors in cutting into the twisted section. Just cut the hair with split ends and do the same to other parts of the hair.

To avoid hair loss, blend bananas with honey, yogurt, and low-fat milk. These contain biotin that can help regenerate hair follicles. Avoid stress and having a lot of sleep will help slow down hair loss.

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Five Tips on choosing the best DIY Hair Extensions


Tips to look gorgeous
DIY hair extensions

Most women believe that for hair extensions to look natural and comfortably fit your head should be fit by only a qualified hair stylist. This is not completely true as at some hair extension an be fitted by your at the comfort of your home.

There are some hair extension fitting methods that are designed to be specifically used for do it yourself  hair extension fitting. What it takes to deliver excellent results in hair extension is choosing the hair extension that is easy to use and also looks presentable on you.

Learn how to use hair extensions – You should get used to fitting hair extensions in order to perfect your skills. The first hair extension you fit may bring some undesirable results but this should not be the reason to throw in the towel.

Choice of Hair Extension- There is a wide range of hair extension that you can fit by yourself. This gives you the choice to choose the hair extension that fits you best.

The use of glue – The hair extensions that use glue are easier to use compared to those that don’t. The catch is that such extensions are trickier to use as they require someone with some mastery in hair extension fitting techniques.

Hair extension using clips – Hair extensions that use clips are easier to use as fitting is less strenuous. However, this type of hair requires someone with thick hair so that the clip is hidden.

Sewing of the hair extension – The sewing option is a bit complicated but it offers some excellent attachment of the extension to your natural hair.

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Are You having Bad Hair Days Due To Thinning Of Your Hair?

Don’t freak out so much, it’s natural for people to shed up to 100 strands of hair daily. However during menopause, there is increased hair loss in women due to hormonal changes, emotional stress and fluctuations among other reasons. Women also face female balding pattern that causes hair loss.

Most men also face hair loss in their midlife which is primarily due to hereditary factors, hormonal imbalance, and stress.In cases of severe hair loss people are always advice to seek medical advice. To prevent hair loss you need to care for your scalp and hair. You can always do that through caring for your internal, external physical, mental and spiritual health.

You need to take care of yourself, by soothing, pampering and adhering to a self –care session thus you will ultimately balance you body and scalp thus making your hair thrive health… You’re mental, emotional and spiritual contributes to the growth of your hairy. Just by sitting and imagining fulfilments will enable your hair grow or least prevent it from falling. Most hair supplements and vitamin enriched hair care products will boost the growth of your hair. Most of the hair supplements rectify hormone imbalances that lead to hair loss. Shampoos without sulphates will really work for your external health.

Most of these sulphate-free shampoos will enrich your hair and prevent it from falling off. Aging should be a beautiful and graceful process with minimal hair loss, thus your hair
needs those tender practises.

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Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup guarantees you stunning elegance at all times. You will maintain the lovely lips, perfectly eyebrows and flattering eyeliner from office, gym, and dance and at home permanently. But, is the procedure safe? Under the hands of an expert, you are safe but not every person wielding a needle is an expert. With Micro pigmentation or permanent makeup, you use needles to inject pigmented granules to layers beneath the skin.

Tattooing, medical restoration and permanent makeup are similar procedures but have different purposes. Some people offer blush and eye shadow micro pigmentation but you can’t be sure of the colour or the allergy you will develop. Iron oxide pigment reaction rarely occur thus is the safest method. But organic, vegetable or natural pigments are prone to allergic reactions.

Adverse reactions due to pigments are rare but irritations can occur. Rash or immune allergic reaction and MRI complications could occur years later leading to can swelling, or burning in pigmented areas. Granulomas and keloids are two adverse reactions to the pigment. Granulomas is caused when masses from inside tissues clump around a foreign substance while keloids occur with an overgrowth of scar tissue due to removal of permanent make up. You also should be able to shun those red flagged products that claimed to be approved by FDA. Some permanent procedures are not surely permanent; there might be significant changes after the procedure.

With the permanent makeup you should also brace yourself for disappointing results. When procuring the procedure make sure that it’s done by a certified practitioner !!

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