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Celebrity Secrets- Managing Wrinkles

Actor Brad Pitt is always looking young and startling handsome each and every passing day. Do you want to know what secrets are behind his youthful look? Most celebrities who look stunningly younger have managed to iron out their wrinkles courtesy of an American beauty gizmo that has been rolled out into beauty stores.

The gizmo gadget is an electric razor look alike. It has a miniature iron in place of the blade in the razor. The iron is called the age LOCEdition Nu skin Galvanic Spa system II. The iron generates a painless electric current that help the active ingredients in creams and gels to penetrate into the skin. This anti-wrinkle iron cleanses tones and rejuvenates the skin, it farther reduces pore sizes, and get rids of dark sports and eye bags. The anti-wrinkle iron gadget smoothens out cellulite, minimize appearance of varicose veins and tone down bingo wings. The Hollywood stars are aficionado of any new inventions that promise youth and beauty and two celebrates have gone publicly crazy with it.

Nicole Kidman uses the beauty savvy gadget before her vogue appearances at red carpet events while Pitt calls it his” wrinkle iron” in Hollywood where appearance is highly priced, £270 for the gadget and £40 for the gels and creams is a small price to pay!

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