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Why Every Girl Should Read This? Hair Loss In Twenties

Hair Loss prevention In Twenties
Hair Loss prevention In Twenties
Here are few things you need to know, take precaution, and implement. If you are Losing hair and still in your twenties.

 It has now become normal to shed about 50-100 strands of hair daily, which in it self is a cause for concern.

Let’s see the Top ten causes of “hair loss in twenties” and how you can avoid or minimize hair loss.

1. The life style factor: Current day life style factors adopted by young generation like partying late into the night is detrimental factor due to many reasons, eg; Partying results in intake of alcohol, smoking and inhaling stale air. Alcohol taken in excess or regularly interferes with absorption of vitamins from the diet, less vitamins naturally means less nutrition available for your hair.

2. Consistent stress is another factor which can accelerate hair loss. eg; Undue worries, fear of exams, rejection by peers, competing with colleagues or day to day completion, family tensions can all leads to undue stress in the young generation.

3. Day to day increase in pollution is another major factor along with other environmental factors like moving around regularly or staying close to industrial areas exposes your hair to harsh chemicals present in the air. This will result in dryness of hair and excessive tangling. Keep you hair completely covered while swimming. Some geo locations have hard water which is not good for hair and result in extreme tangling and quick loss of hair, in such areas you must wash your hair with soft water or drinking water only with herbal shampoos.

4. Its important to keep your hair free from fungal infections like “seborrhoeic dermatitis” which can cause scalp itching and hair loss if not treated promptly. These infections occur in children and as well in adolescents.

5.  It’s more important for those who are having weak hair to take professional advice while trying new hairstyle trends like braiding the hair unreasonably tight or taking tight plaits. Try keeping hair slightly loose for ponytails or braiding and to avoid excessive pulling of the hair from the roots as this may cause patch balding in the front and at the hairline.

6.  One of the killer hair loss factor today is excessive use of hairstyling products like hairsprays, mousse, shampoos and gels which can affect the quality of hair and in the long term may lead to thinning of hair or  excessive hair fall. These hairstyling products doesn’t suite every one but because of regular advertisements people try them without consulting or taking professional advice.

7.  Hereditary factors also plays major role in determining your hair quality and quantity. Male pattern baldness can strike as early as late twenties so it is important to identify the type of baldness because even though there is no documented cure for this condition, it can be slowed down with the use of medication.

8. Depression is another common factor which may result in loss of hair. Parents must constantly motivate and guide there kids and never let them down, specially in front of others.
There are other Psychiatric conditions like mania, schizophrenia which cause a person to pull out his hair. Trichotillomania is the medical term for pulling out hair. Hence there may be patchy baldness in certain areas of the scalp and treatment is important so that the habit is stopped.

9.  Minimum 8 hours sleep is required, since adequate sleep is important for hair cells to rest and rejuvenate. Even staying up late at night is harmful as hair cells need to rest.

10. Finally, Vitamins, Iron and protein are equally essential to maintain good hair quality and avoid problems such as hair loss. So a good balanced diet with plenty of different fruits and vegetables are important for health of your hair.

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